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 football manager09

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bayu inzaghi
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PostSubyek: football manager09   Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:00 pm

oi udh kluar blom gamex
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PostSubyek: Re: football manager09   Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:03 pm

Udah keLuar kok bro...

Football Manager 09

rare that Sports Interactive feels the need to shout from the rooftops
about its most prized asset, but 2009 should mark a watershed year for
the series. The usual raft of refinements and upgrades are wrapped
around some core changes that'll polarise opinion in long-term fans,
and with the Xbox 360 version taking a much-needed hiatus, SI is free
to concentrate on the PC to deliver a long-awaited revolution. Not that
we wouldn't have bought it anyway.

The most striking upgrade comes in the form of an
overhauled and fully-3D match engine. Extrapolating 2D movement data to
form the basis of a dynamically-realised 3D encounter is no easy task
to achieve, so SI has wisely enlisted the help of Sega's Virtua Striker
team to provide the motion-capture legwork - with early results showing
considerable promise through some rough edges. Ball movement is
believable and relatively realistic, with a minor disconnect between
animations that we're promised will be ironed out before release.

The FM Live DVR-style timeline bar also makes a welcome appearance,
allowing 3D highlights to be rewound and viewed from any angle –
perfect for those of you that want a closer look at crucial tactical
gaffs. It's an intuitive system that'll be familiar to users of Windows
Media Player or any other similar video playback system, slotting
neatly into the tactical overlay and available at any stage in the
game. Good stuff.

For all the visual pizazz, player movement and behaviour is still
governed by the same underlying calculations as previous iterations,
with the 3D visuals simply slotting in over the top. With
motion-blending and over 100 animations to add to the final release,
we're expecting marked improvements in the coming months, but have no
doubt that this is a feature that'll make or break the enchanting spell
that characterises Football Manager. At this stage we're hoping and
expecting it'll be the former for most players.

Complimenting the upgraded visuals is a brand new assistant manager
service, offering up a suite of pre-match and in-game advice to help
outwit your opponents and minimise tactical errors. As ever, the
assistant is fully customisable and can be tailored to specific skill
levels, useful for both new players and long-time fans alike, and if
the expanded and improved media interaction is anything to go by,
you'll want to use it – often. Reporters will now harass you over
quotes made in the heat of battle months before, with pre and post-game
press conferences featuring for the first time. The media circus is
looking to be as brutal as real life, something of a sad indictment for
our national pastime.

Rounding out the list of improvements is an expanded board confidence
section, players that cite preferred moves, updated competitions
featuring over 350,000 players across a total of 5000 teams, widescreen
support, realistic country-specific financial models for each team, and
the ability to play as a female manager for the first time in Football
Manager history. The underlying code for the transfer system has also
been re-written from the ground-up for improved speed and accuracy,
something fans have been clamouring for in the previous few seasons.

Provided the animation comes together before
release, FM 2009 is shaping up to become more than the expected annual
evolution with improved stats. As a series that reinvents itself
visually every 3-4 years, this is perhaps the most comprehensive update
yet, and will no doubt attract a similar level of ire and confusion as
the initial release of Championship Manager 4. Lest we forget, that
turned out to be the fastest-selling PC game of all time in the UK, so
no matter how alien the alterations seem at first, we'll trust SI to
deliver the goods this coming November.

info selengkapnya disini:
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PostSubyek: Re: football manager09   Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:56 pm

:roll: tutup mulut tutup mata

diam dari pada di band
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PostSubyek: Re: football manager09   

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football manager09
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